Biographical Information
Age: around 40-50
Race: African-American
Nationality: American
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Appearance: Thin
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Book Appearances
The Gypsy Game

Vince is a minor character from the Game Series.


Vince is a tall and skinny person with dark brown skin, lots of wild-looking hair[1], and a deep, slurred voice[2]. He lives in the basement of Arbor Street Baptist, an abandoned church, together with other homeless people.


Vince used to be a businessman, but after an accident when his head was smashed in, he started to get terrible headaches, and lost his job and all his money. He used to live in hospitals, but when there was not any money for him anymore, he was sent to live on the streets. He still gets headaches, sometimes lasting for days, and Mickey takes care of him during those periods. The rest of the time, it is Vince looking after Mickey.

Vince makes his first appearance when Toby Alvillar sleeps in the basement of the abandoned church. Toby is afraid of him as Vince has a long and sharp knife, but the man is not hostile. Later, he listens intently when Toby tells his story to Garbo, and writes it down in his notebook. Eventually, he convinces Toby to return home.


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