The Magic Nation Thing
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Abby gets hold of the matchbook and sees a picture of obese man with a big nose, whom she knows to be the owner of the burned building, the same man who asked the O'Malley Agency to investigate the case.

Dorcas arrives home and Abby's vision dissolves. Abby tells Dorcas about how did she and Paige ruin Tree's investigation by getting in trouble in the neighborhood and blowing her cover. Dorcas is angry and plans to separate Abby from Paige until the two of them behave more responsibly.

Abby wonders if she should tell Dorcas about the vision she had while holding the matchbook, but eventually she does not. However, the next day she talks with Tree and she suggests that maybe it was the owner who set the building on fire, admitting that she had a vision about it. Tree says that she thought about the same thing, and that the owner likely hired the agency to avert suspicion. She gets a search warrant, and it turns out that it was indeed the owner who committed the crime.

After a couple of days, Dorcas and Abby get a mail from Martin, telling that he will likely move back to San Francisco. Abby is delighted, but Dorcas does not share her enthusiasm.