The Magic Nation Thing
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On a Saturday morning, Tree reveals to Abby that she is doing surveillance on a fire insurance case. There was a fire in a vacant building in a neighborhood where there had been other recent fires, and the owner of the building hired O'Malley Agency to find out if an arsonist is at work.

Tree tries to investigate for suspicious behavior in the area by pretending to walk a dog, but because of her good looks, she is entirely too noticeable and the plan does not work. Abby has the idea of wearing a wig and dressing up as an old lady, and the disguise is working so well that not even Dorcas recognizes Tree.

On Monday, Abby tells Paige about the investigation, and Paige suggests that they should help out, by visiting the neighborhood and pretending they are kids practicing for a soccer game, or playing hopscotch. Abby protests, but finally agrees. The two girls get off the bus in the area in question and start looking for any burned buildings or suspicious activity. However, a group of teenage boys start following them, and the girls have nowhere to run. In the last moment, Abby notices an old lady walking a dog, and recognizes her as Tree Torrelli.