The Magic Nation Thing
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Once inside Paige's room, Abby and Paige start talking about school and the clubs the children made up. It is mentioned that lately there has been a fad at school of making up secret clubs, and the two girls plan a club for themselves only, having secrets such as being the descendants of wizards. They play computer games as well.

Eventually, Paige brings up the Moorehead case Dorcas was working on, suggesting that the little girl was kidnapped by a stranger. Abby reveals that Dorcas flew to Oregon the day before, where the girl's father lived, but there are no new clues. She avoids mentioning the episode with the locket, as she is averse from her psychic abilities, wanting to hide them. She would rather have an ordinary life in a normal family instead of having access to special powers.

Paige tells about the most recent deeds of her brothers, and how do they always do all kinds of trouble, and get away with it. Abby sympathizes.

Abby returns home, and Dorcas arrives soon after. Dorcas tells about a talk she had with her ex-husband over the phone, and it is revealed that even though they are divorced, they are good enough friends to be on talking terms and Dorcas frequently asks Martin's advice. Abby does not want to tell about the pictures she saw when she held the locket, but after she recalls how Mrs. Moorehead cried, she mentions that Miranda might be at Disneyland with her father. Dorcas calls Mrs. Moorehead, who reveals that Miranda is crazy about Disneyland, and her father might have taken her there.

The next day, Dorcas travels to Disneyland where the clerks identify Miranda and her father, and the case is solved in two days.