The Magic Nation Thing
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Abby tells her parents about her holidays at Squaw Valley. She notices that both Dorcas and Martin are in an especially good mood, and they reveal that they will get married again and give their relationship another try. They plan to buy a house that suits all three of them, and let Tree Torrelli take over the agency.

Dorcas and Martin prepare for the wedding, and Abby, Paige and Tree help out a lot. Abby is looking forward for the day when she would be living with her parents in a normal family.

Paige suggests again that Abby should use her psychic powers to investigate crimes, but Abby tells her off and says that her powers are hers alone to decide how to use. Paige reluctantly agrees. Abby is not sure if she outgrew her "magic nation thing" and if it really was more than her imagination, but believes she would give it a try if something as important as finding Sky ever happens again.