The Magic Nation Thing
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The next day, the weather clears up. Everyone is quiet at breakfast, and no one mentions Sky's adventure. When Paige asks if Alex and Pablo know the news, Daphne reveals that she already phoned the boys. Daphne called Abby's mother as well, telling her that everything was fine.

The family spends some time at High Camp, a structure two thousand feet above the valley floor hosting ice skating rinks and a restaurant, then head for the slopes, and have a good time. Abby and Paige notice Alex and Pablo, and they have a short talk, after which the two boys rejoin their snowboarder friends. Paige is somewhat upset, seeing that the two boys are interested only in girls of their age.

The next day, the Bordens and Abby head back to San Francisco. When Abby gets home, she is greeted by her father.