The Magic Nation Thing
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Abby and Paige wake up in the middle of the night to the sounds of footsteps and shouting, and it turns out that someone found Sky. Daphne tells that a man named Jackson Baker found Sky in his car while he was driving home. Baker turns around when he discovers Sky and takes him back to Squaw Valley, where he is reunited with his family.

Sky tells that he ran away because he was mad at Abby and Paige for not receiving their attention, and instead of the Center, he went to the parking lot, planning to get in the Bordens' car to warm up. However, he could not open the door, so he got in another car, that he found open, and fell asleep on the backseat.

Abby and Paige are friends again. Abby realizes that she still has her special powers, having been able to see the car's back seat in her visions, and Paige suggests again that they should find some crimes to investigate.