The Magic Nation Thing
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On the third day, the ski instructor at the Children's Center is unavailable, therefore the juniors' afternoon classes are cancelled. Daphne and Sher ask Paige and Abby to look after Woody and Sky for the afternoon. The girls agree, and after skiing and lunch, they go to the Children's Center to pick up the boys.

They head for a wide and easy slope for beginners, and have a good time. After a time, Abby and Sky separate from Paige and Woody and go to different slopes. They are almost ran over by a group of snowboarders, but no harm is done, and Paige recognizes Alex and Pablo between them. They talk about snowboarding for about fifteen minutes, and suddenly they realize that Sky has disappeared.

Paige thinks that he went back to the Center, but the boy is not there, although they find his skis and poles in the nearby forest. Abby thinks he might be hiding, angry as no one was paying attention to him.

Weather starts to get worse, it starts to snow, and everyone is worried. They head back to the Center to get help, where they meet Daphne and Sher Borden, and tell them that Sky has disappeared.