The Magic Nation Thing
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Paige has more ideas about what should Abby investigate with her special powers. The next day, during school break, she suggests that there is a dead body buried behind the goalpost on the school soccer field. She says she saw a big rectangle where the earth had been dug up recently, and some flowers were scattered on it, looking like a grave.

Abby does not believe that someone was murdered, but becomes intrigued after Paige's nagging and goes to investigate the soccer field during PE class. She sees the mound that resembles a grave, but does not have any hunch showing who made it or what is buried there. After school, she visits Paige and they talk about what should they do. Paige advises that Abby should touch a flower from the grave that will likely trigger a vision. Abby is reluctant, as she wants to forget about her special ability, not wanting to be known as a "weird supernatural monster". However, she finally agrees.

When Paige gets hold of a flower and Abby takes it in her hands, she has a vision of a blond child who is crying. Paige suggests that it was a picture of the child who had been murdered and buried there. The girls look through newspapers, but there are no news about missing kids.

The next day, while Abby is in the main hall of the school, she meets a little girl and recognizes her as the kid she saw in her vision.