The Gypsy Game
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Points of View: April Hall, Melanie Ross

As the children open the gate, they realize that the creature that came is not a bear, but a large shaggy black dog. Marshall believes (or at least wants to believe) that it is a bear, and pats him. The dog appears to be very friendly, licks Marshall's face and wags its tail.

The other children do not want to spoil Marshall's joy and reluctantly agree that the creature is a bear. Toby states that it is a special breed of bear Gypsies use, and they will teach them Gypsy tricks. He tries to make it to dance on its hind legs. The dog appears to like the name "Bear" and reacts whenever someone calls it that.

Melanie is worried about the owners of the dog, and suggests to April and Ken that they should find out if a dog was missing in the neighborhood. It has no collar or any kind of identification, so it might be a stray; nevertheless, they decide to check the bulletin board to find out if someone lost a dog.

They talk about who should take the dog home with them until they find its owner. Casa Rosada does not allow companion animals, and Ken's mother is allergic to dogs, so they ask Toby to take it home, especially as he and his father used to have a dog. However, Toby says he can't, and acts strange. April and Melanie suspect that Toby is in some kind of trouble.