The Gypsy Game
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Point of View: Melanie Ross

April is reluctant to believe that Toby is a Gypsy, but Melanie does not know what to think. Toby offers to invite them to his apartment, so his father could tell them about their ancestry. They accept the invitation, and the five of them head for the Alvillars' apartment, which is on the top of a building just off University Avenue.

The apartment is a large attic room with ceiling partly made of glass. There is no furniture except a table, a stove and some mattresses. The larger part of the room is filled with junk from wrecking yards and construction sites, used by Toby's father to create statues.

They meet Andre Alvillar, Toby's father, who is working on a mural. He stares at the kids, then draws Marshall and his toy octopus Security in his sketch book. The girls are uncomfortable, but eventually, Andre decides to answer their question about his ancestry.