The Gypsy Game
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Point of View: Toby Alvillar

Toby Alvillar tells Garbo his real story.

Her mother was Joanna Mayfield, daughter of a rich and influential family. She met Andre Alvillar, a poor and weird guy at the University, where they both studied art, and married soon afterward. Of course, the Mayfields disapproved the marriage, and started to hate Andre, Toby, and even their own daughter Joanna.

Joanna died in an accident when Toby was five, falling off a roof after she took some drugs during a party. Andre got depressed and even wanted to commit suicide. They moved a couple of times, ending up in the attic studio.

The Mayfields showed up around New Year's Day to adopt Toby. Apparently, the family did not have a heir to carry on the name, and they wanted Toby to become Warren Mayfield the Fourth. Toby visited the family's estate and decided that he did not want to live there, so his father refused the Mayfields' offer. The family does not give up though, and employ a lawyer and a caseworker to get the boy's custody, trying to prove that he lives in an unhealthy environment. The lawyer threatens Andre to re-open the investigation of Joanna's death, and Toby is scared that his father gets depressed and wants to commit suicide again. He decides to run away from home so the Mayfields would not bother his father anymore.

As Toby finishes talking, he notices Mickey and Vince standing just inside the door. They apparently heard the entire story, and they are impressed. Mickey offers him food and Vince tells that Toby should go home, because his father is likely worried; not knowing his son's whereabouts is worse than anything the Mayfields could do to him.

The next morning, Toby decides to return home and leaves the church. As he walks on Arbor Street, he meets with his father who came to search for him.