The Gypsy Game
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Point of View: April Hall

April and Melanie climb the stairs to the attic where the Alvillars live. The door is closed and no one answers when they knock, so April kicks it open. They enter and make their way through the junk in the attic studio, noticing that the living area was expanded in the meanwhile, as if the Alvillars expected visitors.

The kids discover the hiding place Toby was telling about in the brontosaurus statue, and they start to believe his story. Andre Alvillar appears, and soon Ken arrives as well. Andre asks if they know anything about Toby, and the three children finally reveal that he ran away because he was afraid that his father would be killed if he did not let Toby to go with his grandparents. Andre laughs as if this was a good joke. The children tell him about the hideout under the old church, and Andre sets out to bring Toby home.