The Gypsy Game
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Point of View: April Hall

Bear sniffs the ground in the alley as if following a scent, and the five kids start following him, hoping that he would lead them to Toby. They find the cement pipe where Toby hid the day before, and notice an empty food bag, but of course, the boy is long gone.

The children follow Bear who is trotting along the alley, then turns in the direction of Norwich Avenue, stopping now and then to sniff the ground. Ken manages to catch up with him and grabs his collar, but Bear stops and refuses to walk on. Melanie suggests using a leash, and after some hesitation, Ken offers his belt for the cause.

They continue down Norwich Avenue, ignoring the staring people. They turn onto Arbor Street and reach an abandoned church. Bear leads them down to the basement door; the kids enter the basement and meet Toby.