The Gypsy Game
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Point of View: Toby Alvillar

Toby is woken up a couple of hours later by one of Garbo's roommates, a large and weird-looking guy with pale skin and blond hair who introduces himself as Mickey. He asks Toby if he has something to eat in his backpack, and Toby offers him a petrified piece of French bread.

Another of Garbo's roommates appear, a dark-skinned, tall and fierce person called Vince. He has a knife and Toby is scared, but Vince is not hostile. The two men share the bread, then leave the basement.

Garbo wakes up and asks Toby to help her get on her feet. She tells about the two men; Mickey is somewhat retarded, while Vince used to be a businessman, but after an accident he started to get terrible headaches, and lost his job and all his money. The two men are good friends and take care of each other.

Garbo leaves and Toby is alone in the basement. He wanders around, tormented by dark thoughts, then goes back to sleep.