The Gypsy Game
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Point of View: Toby Alvillar

As Toby enters the basement, a person lights a candle, and the boy recognises Garbo, an old beggar woman who usually panhandles on University Avenue. She asks Toby about his name, and he replies that he is Tony Johnson, then makes up a story about escaping an orphanage. The story has some major holes in it, but Garbo does not pay much attention.

The old woman identifies Bear as Bruno, telling that he belonged to a homeless person named Jeb who have died recently. The dog ran away the day Jeb died, and this is the first time he returns.

Garbo invites Toby to sleep there, but Toby backs away when he hears that other homeless men also shelter there for the night. He leaves, together with Bear, and returns to the "Gypsy Camp".