The Gypsy Game
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Point of View: Toby Alvillar

This chapter describes Toby's escape and adventures since he ran away from home. On New Year's Eve, he threw a couple of things in an old backpack, then left home. He ended up at the "Gypsy Camp", where his friends brought him food. When he heard the two men coming, he escaped through the loose plank and hid in a cement drainage pipe. He lay there for a long time, finally falling asleep.

He wakes up at Bear clawing at his feet, trying to squeeze himself in the pipe. Toby climbs out and tries to catch Bear, but the dog starts to trot down the alley, and Toby has no other choice but to follow, as for Marshall's sake he does not want the dog to get lost. The dog heads for Arbor Street, a run-down industrial area at the edge of the town. By that time, it is really late, and a heavy fog descends.

Bear leads Toby to Arbor Street Baptist, an abandoned church, and the boy falls down a flight of stairs, crashing into a wooden door and entering the basement of the building.