The Gypsy Game
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Point of View: April Hall

Andre Alvillar enters the storage yard and asks the children about Toby's whereabouts. The children do not answer, as Toby asked them not to tell anyone that they had seen him. Andre tells the children that Toby's maternal grandparents are trying to get legal custody of the boy, and that is the reason why he ran away. He also points out that he refused to give up his right to Toby.

Andre leaves, the children discuss about Toby. April is pleasantly surprised that Toby told them the truth about his grandparents wanting to take him away; of course, they still doubt the part of his about royal Gypsy ancestry. However, they still do not know what to believe.

They notice Bear scratching the fence, revealing a loose plank through which Toby most likely escaped when the two men came. As it is late, they go home, but agree that the next day they will start a search for Toby.