The Gypsy Game
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Point of View: April Hall

The two men ask the children what or who is in the storage yard. One of the men is described as short, bald and with a lopsided nose. The other is tall and bony, identifies himself as Detective James Arnold, and his companion calls him Mac.

The kids tell that there is nothing in the yard except a dog, but the men do not believe them and manage to open the gate. They are first intimidated by Bear, but the dog acts very friendly towards them. The men show an interest in the mural showing a Gypsy caravan and ask questions about it; April replies that they made it for a school project. Toby is nowhere though, and the men leave, asking the children to call them if they learn anything about their friend's whereabouts.

Ken tells that they are the same persons he met in the principal's office earlier that day, asking about a hideout. The children do not believe that the men are detectives; they think they are hit man, and worry about Toby. They notice that Toby is gone and took his belongings with him. Ken finds this strange, as the gate was locked from inside with the dead bolt, and there was no way for Toby to get out from the yard. Their discussion is interrupted by the arrival of Andre Alvillar, Toby's father.