The Gypsy Game
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Point of View: April Hall

On their way home from school, April tells Melanie and Elizabeth about her visit in the principal's office. The two women she talked with, most likely psychologists, were equally worried about Toby, and they thought he ran away from home.

They stop by the day-care center to pick up Marshall, then they head for the "Gypsy Camp", where they meet Ken. Suddenly, Toby appears, giving everyone a shock. He explains that he ran away because if he had not, he would have been kidnapped. He says he was visited by some people who claimed to be his maternal grandparents, telling Toby is the descendant of a royal Gypsy family. They wanted to take Toby away, and threatened his father. As a result, Toby ran away and have been sleeping on the streets for the last three days.

The five children go home, leaving Toby to sleep in the storage yard with Bear. April and Melanie do not believe the story about Toby's royal ancestry, but they agree that he is really scared. At dinner, Caroline keeps asking questions about what happened in the principal's office and about Toby and his father, but April gives evasive answers.