The Gypsy Game
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Point of View: April Hall

On New Year's Day, April, Melanie and Marshall visit the "Gypsy Camp" to check on Bear. Melanie suggests that they should wash Bear right there in the storage yard by bringing a hose from the back of the store, but Marshall says that it is too cold for a bath. Suddenly, Ken Kamata appears, and after hearing about the idea, he suggests to bathe the dog in the laundry room at his house.

Melanie brings a jump rope to use it as a leash, and Ken runs home before the others have a chance to follow, allegedly to get the laundry room ready, but most probably to avoid being seen with the others.

Bear does not like the idea of a bath. He is not hostile, but is uncooperative, backing away and lying down. Finally, they get him in the tub and give him a good wash with baby shampoo. However, when Ken leaves to answer the phone, Bear jumps out of the tub and shakes the water off himself, making everything soaked.

Ken returns and tells that the phone call was about Toby disappearing.