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Eyelashes and CeremonyEdit

Point of View: Melanie Ross

April and Melanie start the sixth grade at Wilson School. April is not received well by her classmates due to her stuck-up attitude and uncommon outfits, but at least she gives up wearing the false eyelashes. (Actually, when April set down her eyelashes to read a book, Melanie exited the room swiping the eyeleashes from the desk using the stick part of the glue) after a few days of school, Melanie returns the eyelashes and puts them in April's dresser. However, the kids start accepting her after a couple of weeks, as they see that despite her attitude and temper, she is smart, knowledgeable and brave. When Toby and Ken, two of the "biggest wheels" in the class start giving April friendly nicknames, Melanie knows that everything would be all right.

The two girls still continue their pretending game, visiting the storage yard each day after school is out, taking Marshall with them as well. The "Egypt Game" really begins to take shape: they make two altars, one for Isis, the god of love (who is represented by a plaster bust of Queen Nefertiti), and the other for Set, the evil god (whose statue was made of clay by the girls themselves). They decorate the altars with various objects, such as flowers, stones, figurines and candles, and they paint stars on the fence. They compose and practice complicated rituals to honor the two gods, writing down the text on scrolls. Marshall takes up the role of a high priest and takes it very seriously.