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The Egypt GirlsEdit

Points of View: April Hall, Melanie Ross

April and Melanie meet each day to play their imaginative games, and visit the local library frequently. One day, they find a book about an ancient pharaoh, and they become fascinated in Ancient Egypt. They borrow all books on it from the library and read them day and night, and even start making up their own hieroglyphic alphabet. At the library, they are beginning to be called "The Egypt Girls".

The "Egypt Game" takes shape between early August and early September. One day, they discover the abandoned storage yard behind A-Z Antiques, and improvise an Egyptian temple, the events described in the first chapter.

There are some things, though, that make the girls anxious. School is about to begin, and April is nervous about facing a new class in a new school. Melanie, on the other hand, is worried about how her classmates will react to April's haughty and stuck-up "Hollywood attitude", as she can already see that April does not make the right kind of impression on children of their age. Melanie tries to dissuade her from at least wearing the fake eyelashes, but fails.