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Fear StrikesEdit

Point of View: April Hall

It is winter and the weather turns cold and wet. The "Egyptians" continue to visit the storage yard, but they did nothing Egypt like. Instead, they sit in the shed and talk about the recent events, wondering who wrote the mysterious answer and who put the octopus under the altar. They suspect they stirred up some mysterious, ancient power with their rituals.

One evening, there is a concert at the university, and Mr. and Mrs. Ross decide to attend. They take Melanie with them, but leave Marshall at home, and ask April to babysit him.

April plays games and reads aloud for Marshall, then starts doing her homework. She notices that her math book is missing, and suspects that it remained in the storage yard when they visited it in the afternoon. She fears that her school record will be ruined for not doing her homework, so she plans a short visit to "Egypt" to recover the book.Marshall decided to follow her, even if April tries her best to dissuade him.

The night alley is forbidding, and April is nervous. They enter the storage yard and find the book in the shed. When they leave, a man grabs her from behind. Someone cries for help, and people arrive to rescue April. The attacker escapes.