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Confession and ConfusionEdit

Point of View: Toby Alvillar

At school, Toby confesses to April and Melanie that it was him writing the Oracle's answer is still at large and he might have been murdered, he also reveals that he did see a person in the alley last night and ran away.

However, he does not know what to answer to Marshall's question about the whereabouts of Security, the toy octopus. He told the story of how he kept writing what the 'Oracle" messaged the Egyptians, when a misshapen figure was behind him. April has the idea of telling Marshall that Security went to visit some relatives in Los Angeles, and in the afternoon when they return to "Egypt", she performs the ceremony. However, she is surprised to see that there is an answer written on the paper, this time in gracefully old-fashioned, flowing script: Look under the throne of Set. Security is there.

This time, they know none of them wrote the answer. They get frightened and think of abandoning the game for good, as it is getting too spooky.