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Where is Security?Edit

Point of View: Melanie Ross

After the kids return home, Marshall notices that he lost Security, his plush octopus. He believes he left it in "Egypt", however, it is late and it's raining, so they cannot return to the storage yard right then. Marshall is very sad. The next day, the rain has stopped by the time the six children enter the storage yard in the afternoon. However, they cannot find Security anywhere.

Melanie takes up the role of high priestess and removes the slip of paper from the owl's beak. The next minute she walks out of the temple and declares "I think we should stop playing this awful game." The question is answered again, in the same handwriting as yesterday. After considerable discussion and debate, Marshall says he wants to ask the oracle where they can find Security. The other children -- especially Toby -- try to talk him out of it. Reluctantly, Melanie writes the question, and they perform the ceremony for the oracle, then go home, feeling unnerved and unsettled.