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The Oracle SpeaksEdit

Point of View: April Hall

The next day, the six "Egyptians" meet in the alley to enter the yard to find the Oracle's answer to Ken's question. April takes up the role of the High Priestess of the Oracle, and after an elaborate ceremony, she removes the slip of paper from the stuffed owl's beak and reads it

To her astonishment, there is an answer to the question, in shaky handwriting on the back of the paper. The kids start accusing each other, especially Toby, but he denies it. Now the children are getting a little bit spooked. Finally, Melanie decides they should repeat the whole thing, asking the oracle another question, and being more careful so no one could write an answer.

April wins the straw drawing and writes her question on a new piece of paper, which Toby puts in the beak of the owl after repeating the ceremony of the previous day. Just as they finish the ritual, a thunderstorm breaks out, and the half-frightened kids run home. [[Category:Game Series Chapter Summaries|Egypt 17].