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Elizabethan DiplomacyEdit

Points of View: April Hall, Melanie Ross

The four kids are terrified seeing the monstrous figure entering the yard, and soon they spot another shape climbing over the board fence. However, they soon realize that they are their classmates, Toby Alvillar and Ken Kamata dressed up in their Halloween costumes. It is revealed that this was not the first time when the two boys followed them; they regularly spied on the "Egyptians", climbing on some discarded boxes to peek over the fence.

April gets very angry and intends to beat them up, but Melanie and Elizabeth hold her back, as a fight would only worsen the situation. The two boys laugh at them and wonder if they should turn them in or not. Finally, the girls offer a compromise: they will let them join in the "Egypt Game" if they do not tell others about it. The two boys are reluctant at first, but Toby is interested in the idea, and after a few moments, Ken agrees too.

They leave the yard, which is not an easy process, as Toby does not fit through the hole in the fence because of his Halloween costume. Finally, they manage to get him out, and they rejoin the trick-or-treating group without anyone noticing that the six of them were gone.

When April and Melanie get home, they discuss the recent events. They dislike the boys and they are uncomfortable with them joining the "Egypt Game", but they agree that they had no choice, and the current situation is still better than giving up the game entirely.