Squaw Valley is a location appearing in The Magic Nation Thing.


Squaw Valley Ski Resort in California is one of the largest ski areas in the United States, operating year round and attracting more than half a million skiers per year. It is a setting in The Magic Nation Thing, where the protagonists go for a winter holiday.

The Bordens' CabinEdit

The wealthy Borden family owns a cabin at Squaw Valley, where they go each winter, taking their daughter Paige's friend, Abby O'Malley, with them as well.

The cabin has an old look, with fireplaces made out of rough stones and tree trunks supporting the ceiling, and with windows looking out into deepest forest[1]. The two girls sleep in the attic room.

The Ski RunsEdit

The ski runs are presented with accurate detail; the author mentioning in the dedication of the book that she received invaluable advice from Squaw Valley skiers.

The Bordens and Abby go skiing each day on their holiday. One day, when Paige and Abby are asked to look after the two Borden boys, Skyler disappears, frustrated because he does not get any attention. He goes to the parking lot and gets in a car that he finds open, and falls asleep on the backseat, not noticing when the car starts to move. Eventually, the driver notices him, and takes him back to Squaw Valley. Meanwhile, the family is worried and searches the nearby woods with the help of the ski patrol, and they are relieved when Sky is found.