Skyler Borden
Biographical Information
Age: 6
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: American
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Appearance: unknown
Hair Color: Dark blond
Eye Color: Blue
Paige, Woody
Book Appearances
The Magic Nation Thing

Skyler Hardison Borden is a character from The Magic Nation Thing.


Skyler Borden, nicknamed Sky, is a six-year old boy with dark blond hair[1] and blue eyes[2]; the younger brother of Paige Borden. He is mischievous and causes a lot of trouble, but he always gets away with it because of his angelic looks[3]. He is really sharp and has a good memory[4].


When Abby O'Malley visits the Bordens to spend time with her friend Paige, Sky often used to torment her with his pranks, such as dropping eggs on her when she arrived to the front door. However, after an episode in which Abby "saves" him from the wrath of Ludmilla, the Bordens' cook, by helping her to clean up the mess Sky made in the refrigerator, the boy starts to act very friendly towards Abby, respects her, protects her from Woody's pranks, and even writes her a love letter. He usually gets frustrated when Abby does not pay her enough attention, and he is especially jealous of his brother in this matter.

When the family goes for a skiing holiday to Squaw Valley, Sky and Woody learn skiing in the Children's Center. One day when the instructor is unavailable, Paige and Abby are asked to look after Sky and Woody. The girls start talking with a group of snowboarders, and Sky, frustrated because he does not get any attention, leaves the group unnoticed with the intention of going back to the Center alone. However, he notices Paige and the others heading for the Center as well, so he rather goes to the parking lot, planning to get in the Bordens' car to warm up. He cannot open the door, so he gets in another car, that he found open, and falls asleep on the backseat.

The car's owners return and head for home, not noticing Sky sleeping on the backseat. Sky wakes up only when they arrive to Truckee, and inquires if he was kidnapped. The driver, Jackson Baker, turns around and takes Sky back to Squaw Valley, where he is reunited with his family.


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