Paige Borden
Biographical Information
Age: 12
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: American
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Appearance: Tall
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Blue-green
Woody, Sky
Book Appearances
The Magic Nation Thing

Paige Borden is a character from The Magic Nation Thing.


Paige Borden is twelve years old. She is tall and has blond hair[1] and blue-green eyes[2]. She dreams of being a movie star[3] and she has a crazy imagination and high confidence and does everything in a headlong, fearless way. She attends Barnett Academy where she is a seventh grade student. Her best friend is Abby O'Malley; they have been friends since second grade[1].

Paige lives with her parents, Daphne and Sher, and her younger brothers, Woody and Sky in a large mansion. Paige's bedroom is large, with velvet swag drapes and matching bedspread and pillows, and an ankle-deep champagne-colored throw rug.


Paige is Abby's best friend, and Abby spends a lot of time at the Bordens' house, talking and playing games. When Abby mentions that her mother is investigating the kidnapping of a little girl, Paige states that she saw the girl in the supermarket some days before, which determines Abby to use her special powers to help her mother to solve the case.

Paige is fascinated by detective work, and holds Tree Torrelli in high esteem, suggesting that they should help her out investigating an arson case by visiting the neighborhood where the fire happened. They ruin Tree's investigation, however, Abby helps her mother out again. When Paige learns about Abby's psychic powers, she is enthusiastic and starts forming plans for the future, such as setting up a detective agency where Abby would solve the cases using her powers.

Paige tells that they should start some investigations right away, such as looking for a certain Mrs. McFarland, finding out who or what is buried behind the goalpost on the school soccer field, finding out if a bill was counterfeit, and even suggesting that Abby should check her mother's cases and try to solve them. Abby starts to get irritated for being taken some weird fortune-teller. One afternoon, she catches Paige going through files in the agency offices and tells her off.

During winter break, the Bordens and Abby travel to Squaw Valley for a skiing holiday. Paige takes a liking to Alex and Pablo, two teenage snowboarders, and asks Abby to find out more about them using her powers on a napkin. Abby refuses, and Paige gets angry, breaking up their friendship. One day, when Paige and Abby are asked to look after Paige's younger brothers, Sky walks off and disappears, frustrated because he does not get any attention. Paige helps in the search, and tells her parents about losing Sky. After the boy is found, Paige is relieved, and Abby and her are friends again.

After they return home, Paige suggests again that Abby should use her psychic powers to investigate crimes, but Abby says that her powers are hers alone to decide how to use. Paige reluctantly agrees.


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