Mr. and Mrs. Ross
Biographical Information
Age: around 30-40
Race: African-American
Nationality: American
Book Appearances
The Egypt Game, The Gypsy Game

Mr. and Mrs. Ross are the parents of Melanie Ross, one of the main characters in the Game Series. Their first names are not known.


Mr. Ross is a big man with dark brown skin and a teasing smile[1]. He works a lot, and besides working, he also studies to be a college teacher, teaching poetry and literature. He is promised a teaching assistant ship for the spring semester.Mrs. Ross is slender, sharp and neat, with a short hairdo and arched eyebrows[2]. She works as a school teacher[3].

They have two children, Melanie, who is eleven, and Marshall, who is four. They live in an apartment on the second floor of Casa Rosada; they moved there four years ago, roughly at the time when Marshall was born.


Caroline Hall arranges for her granddaughter April to have lunch with the Ross family, as she works as a librarian and is not home during the day. Mrs. Ross is first surprised by April's appearance, but she does not make any remark, and she is kind to her. April comes every day to play with Melanie and Marshall.


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