Mr. Barker
Biographical Information
Age: unknown
Nationality: American
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Appearance: Obese
Hair Color: unknown
Eye Color: unknown
Book Appearances
The Magic Nation Thing

Mr. Barker is a very minor character from The Magic Nation Thing.


Mr. Barker is an obese man weighing about three hundred pounds, with a large, shiny, hooked nose[1].


When a building he owns burns down, Mr. Barker hires the O'Malley Agency to investigate the cause, even though the insurance company was already investigating. He suggests that there is an arsonist at work.

After Tree founds a discarded matchbook near the burned building, Abby uses her psychic powers to find out that it was Mr. Barker who set fire to his property, apparently hoping that the insurance was worth more that the money invested in the building. He likely hired the agency to avert suspicion.

Abby tells about her vision to Tree, and Tree admits that she thought about the same thing. She gets a search warrant, and it is proved that Mr. Barker committed the crime. He is arrested.


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