When April and his sister Melanie start playing the "Egypt Game", pretending they are inhabitants of Ancient Egypt, they always take Marshall with them when they visit the abandoned storage yard

understand their game, but later he gets interested and plays along as a young pharaoh. When the kids make up Egyptian names for themselves, Marshall is called Pharaoh Marshamosis, and his symbol is the double crown of Egypt.

He is the only one who occasionally sees the Professor watching them play their "Egypt Game". When April is attacked in an alley, he is the one who compels the Professor to cry for help, and later he manages to identify the attacker as Mr. Schmitt's cousin. He becomes sort of a hero around the neighborhood.

When April has the idea of the "Gypsy Game", he joins in. When they find a large dog, Marshall states that it is a bear, and becomes very attached to it. He refuses to believe that it is a dog, and the other kids play along, pretending that it is indeed a bear. He is worried when Toby disappears, and keeps asking what will happen to him. Eventually, Toby's problems are solved and the six children are reunited.


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