Ken Kamata
illustration by Alton Raible
Biographical Information
Age: 11-12
Race: Asian
Nationality: American
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Appearance: Robust
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Book Appearances
The Egypt Game, The Gypsy Game

Ken Kamata is a character from the Egypt Game Series.

this is ken?Edit

Who is Ken?Edit


Wilson SchoolEdit

Ken is a sixth-grader in Wilson School, and goes to the same class as April Hall and Melanie Ross. He is described as one of the "biggest wheels in the class"[1] and his best friend is Toby Alvillar. The two boys tease April when she comes to the class, but they are not hostile to her.

The Egypt GameEdit

Ken and Toby observe April and Melanie several times playing their "Egypt Game" in the storage yard of A-Z Antiques. They climb on some boxes piled up near the fence to peek over the boards.

On Halloween evening, Ken dresses up as a rubber monster and goes trick-or-treating with a large group of children. He and his friend Toby bump into April, Melanie, Marshall and Elizabeth, the four "Egyptians", and start teasing them, but finally leave them alone. When the four kids break away from the group and go to the storage yard, Ken and Toby follow them and choose to reveal themselves. The girls panic, but they reach a compromise: they invite the two boys to join their game, who, in return, promise to not give them away.

Ken is initially uninterested, preferring ball games to role playing, but later chooses to play along with the "Egyptians", although he rather takes up the role of a spectator, embarrassed to participate in the ceremonies and thinking that the game is weird. When they make up their own alphabet and names, Ken chooses to be Horemheb, named after a pharaoh and commander, and his symbol is a bloody sword. As he is the wealthiest of all kids, he is the one who usually lends money to the others[2].

The Gypsy GameEdit

Ken is not fascinated by the idea of the new game, but gets interested when he hears that Gypsies juggle and play musical instruments. He does not allow April to read his palm, and they fight.

When Toby, his best friend, runs away from home, he is questioned by the school's principal and several other persons who try to find out where Toby is. When Toby turns up in the storage yard, he, April and Melanie bring him food. The next day, they meet two sinister-looking men near the entrance of the storage yard who also look for Toby, but Ken does not know where his friend is.

When Bruno leads the children to the church where Toby hides, Ken asks his friend to return home, but Toby replies that he cannot, and the two of them argue. Ken is angry with Toby, but later decides to help April and Melanie, telling Toby's father about his son's whereabouts. Eventually, Toby's problems are solved and he returns home.


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