Elizabeth Chung
illustration by Alton Raible
Biographical Information
Age: 9
Race: Asian
Nationality: American
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Appearance: Small and slender
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Mrs. Chung
Two younger sisters
Book Appearances
The Egypt Game, The Gypsy Game

Elizabeth is a 9 year old girl Who is asian.Elizabeth is short and pretty. She is very kind and sweet. Elizabeth is a follower, but isn't afraid of stepping up in a time of need. She is described as shy because she is always behind the others making sure she is doing it rightShe also attends Wilson School And she is a fourth grader And is friends with April,Melanie, And Marshall. She has A mother and two younger siblings.After the death of her father, the family moves in a semi-basement apartment in Casa Rosada. Her grandparents live close by, and her grandmother usually comes to look after the two smaller children while Mrs. Chung is at work at the Cleaners. Later, Mrs. Chung gets a job at the Professor's store, A-Z Antiques.April and Melanie are initially reluctant to befriend her, as they do not want anybody else to "butt in their friendship", and more importantly, to learn about their "Egypt Game". However, Elizabeth's gentle character and delicate appearance make a good impression on them, and they end up telling her about their hobby. Then Elizabeth is attracted to toby and the form a relationship.[edit | edit source]

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