Daphne and Sher Borden
Biographical Information
Age: around 35-55
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: American
Woody, Sky
Book Appearances
The Magic Nation Thing

Daphne and Sher Borden are minor characters from The Magic Nation Thing.


Daphne Borden is a woman with unknown description and occupation.

Sherwood Dandrige Borden II is described as big and old[1]. He works as a businessman.

The Bordens are very wealthy and live in a mansion on top of a hill. Additionally, they own a large cabin in Squaw Valley Ski Resort, and both Daphne and Sher are excellent skiers[2]. They have three children, Paige, who is twelve, Woody, who is eight, and Sky, who is six. Their family car is a Mercedes SUV[3].


Their daughter, Paige, is a good friend of Abby. Abby frequently visits the Bordens, and when her mother has a busy schedule, Daphne agrees that Abby could stay at their place after school until Dorcas returns home.

During winter break, they take their children and Abby to Squaw Valley for a skiing holiday. They usually go to slopes reserved for experts. When they learn that Sky has disappeared during a snowstorm, they are very worried. Sher calls the ski patrol and later goes with them to search for the boy, and Daphne returns to the cabin with the other children, waiting for news. They are relieved when Sky is found.


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