Casa Rosada ("Pink House") is an apartment building where several of the main characters of the Game Series stay.


Casa Rosada is located in a neighborhood of a Californian university town on the eight hundred block of Orchard Avenue[1]. It was built in the 1920s and is described as an old and run-down Spanish-style house with roomy apartments, dubbed the "Petrified Birthday Cake" by one of the tenants. It has three floors, and thus higher as most of the other buildings in the area.

It has thick walls painted pink on the outside, arched doorways, small iron balconies, fancy iron grillwork, stained-glass panels in the windows and tile floors in the lobby[2]. An old-fashioned elevator with its doors like a folding iron fence serves the building. Outside, there is a flower garden[3].

On one side of Casa Rosada, there are some small shops; a florist and a doughnut shop among them. On the other side, across a narrow alley, there is an antique shop named A-Z Antiques.


It is mentioned that apartment dwellers in Casa Rosada come and go frequently, as people usually do in university towns[4]. Known tenants during the events presented in the books are:

  • Caroline Hall, who lives on the third floor in apartment 312 with her granddaughter April
  • The Ross family, who live on the second floor: Mr. and Mrs. Ross and their children, Melanie and Marshall
  • The Barkley family, who live on the first floor and have six-year-old twins
  • The landlady, who lives on the first floor
  • The Chung family, who live in the semi-basement: Mrs. Chung, her daughter Elizabeth and two smaller daughters
  • Mr. Bodler, the janitor, who lives in the semi-basement


  • Casa Rosada does not allow company animals[5].