Bruno is a dog that appears in the Game Series.


Bruno is a large black dog. His fur is long and shaggy, and even his eyes are covered with a thick mop of black hair[1]. He is playful and very friendly to all people, and does not get hostile even when the kids subject him to unpleasant experiences, such as bathing him.


Bruno appears at the gate of the storage yard where the six kids from The Gypsy Game play their imaginative game on a day between Christmas and New Year. At first, the children are scared, but the dog seems to be friendly. Marshall claims that the creature is a bear, having heard just recently about traveling Gypsies training bears. Interestingly, the dog reacts to the name Bear, and the children name him Bear.

The dog wears no collar and Melanie wonders if he is lost or is a stray. April posts a notice on the local bulletin board about a found dog, but makes it deliberately barely readable, as the kids wish to keep the dog for themselves. Bear is sheltered in the storage yard of A-Z Antiques; the kids feed him, play with him, and even wash him.

When Toby runs away from home and some men want to capture him, he follows Bear through the town. The dog leads him to Arbor Street Baptist, an abandoned church on Arbor Street, where some homeless people shelter in the basement. Garbo, a beggar living there, reveals that the dog's name is Bruno, and he belonged to a man named Jeb who has died recently. Garbo appears to like the dog, but is not interested in looking after it, suggesting that Toby could keep it. The next day, the dog leads the five other kids to the abandoned church, where they meet Toby.

After the six kids are reunited and Toby's problems are solved, Bruno - or Bear, as they keep calling him - is taken care of by the Alvillars. He is seen as a frequent visitor to Casa Rosada, Toby bringing him along each time when he visits April and Melanie.


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