Margaret Elston Barnett Academy is a girl school where the protagonist of The Magic Nation Thing goes.


Barnett Academy is described as a well-known and expensive school for girls. Only wealthy families can afford sending their children there, such as Paige's family. The only reason Abby can attend it is because one of her father's clients has set up a scholarship fund for her[1].

Barnett Academy students wear uniforms consisting of monogrammed blue blazers and pleated skirts[2].

Known PersonsEdit


  • Ms. Eldridge, language arts class teacher
  • Mrs. Patterson, arts class teacher
  • Ms. Wilton, kindergarten teacher
  • Mr. Cruz, head custodian

Seventh Grade StudentsEdit

  • Abby O'Malley
  • Paige Borden
  • Alix
  • Megan