Arbor Street Baptist is an abandoned church appearing in The Gypsy Game.


The church is located on Arbor Street in a run-down industrial area on the outskirts of the town. It is rather small, hardly bigger than an ordinary house; it has a tower over the front doors and the windows are pointed at the top[1]. It has been abandoned for a long time; the doors and windows are nailed up with planks and the paint is peeling. A sign with faded lettering announces the name of the church.

Several homeless people shelter in the basement: Garbo, Mickey and Vince. Another person, Jeb, the owner of Bruno, used to live there as well, but has died recently. The basement is dark, damp and dirty, and the people sleep on piles of blankets. There is no furniture except for a bulky metallic shape that once was probably a furnace[2].

When Toby Alvillar runs away from home, he is led by Bruno to Arbor Street Baptist, where he sleeps in the basement. The other five children visit him there, but are unable to convince him to leave. However, after speaking with Vince, Toby decides to return home.

Later, Ken, Toby and the other kids plan to raise money for the three homeless people living there, and Andre tries to find them a place to live.