Alex and Pablo
Biographical Information
Age: around 15-16
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: American
Book Appearances
The Magic Nation Thing

Alex and Pablo are minor characters from The Magic Nation Thing.


Alex and Pablo are teenage boys, about 15-16 years old. Alex is fairly tall, has blond hair and a wide funny grin; Pablo is somewhat shorter and has curly dark hair[1].


They are seen in Squaw Valley in the winter holiday, part of a larger snowboarder group of teenagers. Paige Borden takes a liking to them and wants to find out more about them, taking a napkin they used, and asking her friend Abby to use her psychic powers on it.

When Paige, Abby, Woody and Sky are almost hit by a group of snowboarders, Alex and Pablo are among them. They start talking with Paige and Abby about skiing and snowboarding. When Sky wanders off, frustrated for not getting attention, Alex and Pablo help looking for him. Alex finds Sky's skis in the woods. The two boys are relieved when Sky is found.

Paige still hopes to become friends with Alex and Pablo, but they seem to be interested only in girls of their age.


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